Our Services - always shaped to meet your goals
Our community-led research methodology transforms residents into Community Explorers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach out to their own communities to gather information about assets, needs and services.
This work will be specially designed to suit your requirements, using the following packages as a starting point for co-designing a specific project with you:
SILVER: this three month programme will support a group of 4 residents to become community engagers on a topic selected by you, delivering a snapshot report on local views ( see Blackburn TB Case Study )  
GOLD: the six month programme provides in-depth community engagement training and mentoring for up to ten residents, to conduct larger-scale peer research, with an action-planning event for all stakeholders and a comprehensive final report ( see Fleetwood Case Study )
PLATINUM: the nine month programme develops a team of ten community champions through a comprehensive, bespoke programme of community engagement training, and offers ongoing community development support for residents and your staff to take action on the findings. Accreditation can be included as an optional added benefit. The Final Report will be uniquely designed to create an attractive educational tool ( see Limehurst Case Study
Great community engagement creates the platform for effective collaboration between residents and agencies. It flows from a positive mindset from the start, seeing each other as assets for mutually beneficial improvements. Our bespoke training builds your staff's and communities' belief, knowledge, skills and confidence, with options ranging from one day events to comprehensive, accredited training (delivered in association with Sostenga, the leading international consultancy in Community Development learning). See our Case Study: Community Engagement Training
Communities have the collective potential to transform their own quality of life with the right support from the outset. In association with internationally-renowned ABCD practitioners, Nurture Development, we will support your communities to map local assets, develop local action plans and build local support networks. We will train and mentor your staff to become effective ABCD practitioners. ABCD has proved to be highly effective in shifting people's mindsets from dependence on external services, and to fulfil the potential within their own communities to change their environment. See our Case Study: Limehurst Community Explorers Report
Working in association with Shared Futures, the UK's leading exponents of Citizens Inquiries, we will recruit and support up to 30 residents from all walks of life to investigate the causes of local issues, map the assets within the community and develop their own recommendations for improving matters. This approach brings residents and professionals into a harmonious relationship: residents are focussing on issues which matter deeply to them, and inviting professionals to offer their perspectives and experiences. The results of past Inquiries have seen improved policies and practices on wellbeing issues, and sustained community action on prioritised issues. The work culminates in a feedback event and action planning for all stakeholders, with a comprehensive final Report with recommendations. See our Case Study: Congleton Wellbeing Inquiry 
...and Nick is always pleased to offer key-note speaking and workshops at your conferences and training events!  
"Nick is very experienced in community engagement techniques and practice. He is the real thing and able to work with people at all levels. 
He is an excellent strategist, extremely eloquent, resourceful and completely dependable. He is always a pleasure to work with."
Martin Simon, Nurture Development, author of 'Your Money Or your Life'